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to jump-start the campaign after the lull that took place in the wake of sandy's devastation. mr. romney began the rhetoric and amping it up though he didn't mention president obama by name. he's making references to the disaster relief effort. you can see on the jumbo screen this started early yesterday morning. the red cross with a text to make donations. earlier today mr. romney started the campaign trail in tampa. he will have three events in florida today. on this first day back on the trail's a combination of messages. one, sympathy for those in the storm's path and two, anticipation in a get out the vote effort which he hopes will be a big victory. >> please make sure you go out and vote early. tough a dollar extra send it to the red cross for our friends in harm's way. i love, i appreciate it and together we'll win. thank you, guys. thank you. >> reporter: romney aides came back and visited us on the plane. a hotter half-hour flight. they believe mr. rom this on offense and expanding the battlefield to places like minnesota. obama spokesman david axlerod says he will shave his mu
." unnamed sources are pointing to mr. bluf bluff mr. plouffe. >> we just found out hot other guy was. stuart stevens was kicked around a little bit and people pointed to him as being the strategy and the mistake behind the romney campaign. one of them is going to be a genius wednesday and the other one is going to get the blame. that sort of what's happening. but we heard this all the way through the campaign where again take on stuart stevens, that's who everybody is blaming on the other side. they will be geniuses or losers the next day. megyn: the romney campaign they said was in a lot of trouble and his campaign wasn't going very well. now this piece comes out on the over of the election and some senior insider is saying -- who told him to go after romney, david plouffe. was it axlerod? >> it's not axlerod. they are former partners. that's doubtful. megyn: is this somebody trying to throw plouffe under the bus. >> the wheels come off in the end and with one as close as this one you have an exhausted team with everybody second guessing. you are looking at internal polls that may be differ
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)